Rimini and its center

Rimini is a tourist destination with over 7 million overnight stays per year and is the number one in Italy for seaside holidays.

The reasons for this incredible success are so many. The city is hospitable, to human beings, here you can breathe the sea air, it’s all comfortable and close. In Rimini there is nothing missing, anyone can find what he wants: for families, couples, groups of friends there is no embarrassment of choice. This is always true, especially in the summer.

Rimini has two “centers”. One is that of the sea: Rimini Maria Centro, with the Port and the New Darsena. The other is the Old Town, represented by a very prestigious nucleus of palaces and historic monuments enclosed within those that were once the city’s walls, still largely visible today.

Residence Angeli is located about 3 km from both of these popular landmarks. Getting there is easy: with a walk, with our bicycles or in a few minutes with the Line 11 Rimini-Riccione bus.

We always recommend a short visit to these places. At the center of Rimini Marina there is the soul of the city: the canal harbor (not to miss a walk where boats are moored and to admire the ancient lighthouse) and the most exclusive shopping street with shops and boutiques of Viale Vespucci. In Piazzale Fellini to dominate the scene is the Grand Hotel, the Fountain of the Four Horses and the beautiful villas of Viale Principe Amedeo’s Liberty style architecture.

Walking along this central avenue and leaving behind the sea, you can reach the historic center in just a few minutes where you can see places of great prestige. We recommend a visit to the Domus of the Surgeon (Piazza Ferrari), Palazzo Garampi (Piazza Cavour), the ancient Borgo San Giuliano, Piazza Tre Martiri. As for the monuments, the most famous ones of Roman times are noted: the Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus. Do not miss a visit to the Duomo della Città, the Malatestian Cathedral Cathedral Basilica.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays all the Old Town sits with the walking market with dozens of benches: clothing, housewares and much more. Noteworthy, in addition to the many shops, also the City Market Square (Via Castelfidardo) where you can find the fresh fish market that opens every day the very early morning.

There are so many events taking place in these two locations. Among the most famous is the New Year’s Concert, both in winter and summer with the Pink Night. For more information, refer to the Fairs and Events offers
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Rimini Centro Storico
Rimini Porto
Rimini Centro Storico