Special Families

Moms, Dads and Kids: We know what your needs are.

The Residence Angeli is right for you, with lots of free services to meet your family’s needs. Some examples: parking strollers, bicycles with child seat, bath tubs, high chairs, bed shades, cot-crib with cushion and linens.

Kids love to play …

So on arrival for the little ones will be delivered a fun and useful gadget for the fun on the beach!
But there is much more. Our Beach Package includes an animated program run by professional operators, dedicated exclusively to children, which changes day by day. In short, dear dad and mom. The Residence Angeli really wants you to pamper yourself!

Rimini is also famous for the Amusement Parks,

many of which were born for families with children. The Residence Angeli has an agreement with all Fun Parks of the Rimini Riviera: Mirabilandia, Fiabilandia, Italy in Miniature, Oltremare and Aquarius Le Navi.

Our Special Families also includes 2 full tickets for entry to one of the Parks (not cumulative with other offers). When you request the quote, also evaluate this opportunity. In any case, you will be able to enjoy the conditions during your stay. At our reception the tickets are always available in advance at discounted prices.

Speciale Famiglie